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All the great reasons why books should and will never die

Ebooks are great sometimes, but I will never stop reading real books.


All the great reasons why books should and will never die

Ebooks are great sometimes, but I will never stop reading real books.

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Blog update time! Here is The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) from the Mysterium theater, directed by the fantastic Stephen John! This was a fun show to costume because if you know it, you know it’s crazy. We also decided to take it to another level of insanity and triple cast it which was great because the actors were all amazing but I was definitely worried about keeping the costumes under budget. Fortunately one of our cast members had an extensive costume collection at the school she teaches at and let us borrow anything we needed so I actually managed to spend no money at all!

Part 2 of my Cuckoo’s Nest show pictures! Had trouble narrowing it down so I threw in a couple extra :) There were just too many good moments!

Part 1 of 2 of my One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest pictures. There were so many good ones so it was hard to narrow it down to just a couple posts worth. I loved working on this show, and am very grateful for the opportunity! The cast was wonderful to work with and to watch on stage, and seeing every element come together was incredible!

Whoops, didn’t realize how long it’s been since I updated! Been super busy with school and work :P You may know I was the student designer for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest at school this fall. It was a really great opportunity and was a wonderful experience! I’m gonna try to get pictures from our actual photoshoot up soon but I wanted to post pics of the pieces that I actually made myself. Most everything for the show was bought but a few things needed to be custom made.

The first two are worn by Ari, playing Candy, and I used actual patterns from the 60s to make her white top and plaid jumper. They were a lot of fun to make since there isn’t much else that is really iconic of the 60s in this show since most characters wear scrubs the whole time. The third is Taras, playing McMurphy. I pulled the boxers from our stock and decorated them with the felt whale. It’s sparkly and has a button for an eye! If you know the show then you know why they’re so funny! And the last one is Tessa, playing Nurse Ratched. I made her nurse’s cape which I loved and wore around the costume shop a couple times since it’s so cold up there! <3

Finally getting a post of our completed costumes up! There will be more to come, but enjoy these for now :) For those of you who haven’t seen earlier posts, this is my boyfriend’s and my costumes for Comic-Con 2012 as a Dai Li agent and Azula in her Earth Kingdom disguise from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Seriously fantastic show, if you’ve never had the joy of watching it! <3

Combining all my work in progress photos for my Azula costume in one post so I can get to the actual pictures from the Cons quicker! This costume was super fun to make as well, I did it like I did Ricky’s, with no patterns, I just drew out the shapes I knew I needed and then made alterations on myself. The pants are obviously separate, but the rest of it is all one piece with a zipper down the back. Makes it really easy to get in and out of on my own. If you notice in the last picture the little square is missing from the center of the emblem. I learned from making Ricky’s that if you try to make the whole emblem then sew it on, it will always come out crooked. If you sew the circle on and then add the square at the end it’s a lot easier to make it level! Also, the first picture is of the fake nails I bought, and I trimmed and filed them into points. Azula has pointy nails like claws and I thought it would be a fun detail to include in my costume! <3

This is Ricky’s Dai Li agent costume from Avatar: The Last Airbender for Labyrinth/Comic-Con. I was in a hurry to make this so I didn’t get to take progress photos :( but I have a couple of the fabric before and then the finished costume on him so that will have to do til the next costume. This was a fun costume because I didn’t use a pattern, I just drew the pieces out on the fabric with soap, a trick I learned from my costuming teacher. Progress photos of mine coming up next! <3

Final set of Dapper Day pics! Up next, Comic-Con/Comikaze pics! <3

First set of pictures from Dapper Day Fall 2012 at Disneyland, with my dress all finished :) If you didn’t catch the previous post, I made this dress the night before the event ‘cause I’m crazy like that and I never sleep haha The day was super fun and I can’t wait til the spring one! Probably one more set of pictures from the day coming <3

Dapper Day dress! This was for an unofficial event called Dapper Day at Disneyland a few days ago. I literally made it in one night because I’ve been so busy with shows and school and whatnot. I’ve had the fabric for a long while and just got around to actually making it. The pattern for the dress is actually from 1947 but since it’s post-war it’s got the “new look” kind of silhouette so it works for a ’50s function. I was very easy but it’s a little bit of an odd pattern. The way the sleeves are attached, you can see in the second picture, is kind of weird. It was super fun though and I got a lot of compliments on it! <3

Pink party dress! I unfortunately didn’t get a full length shot of this so I’ll hafta get someone to take one of me in it sometime. Until then, enjoy me and beff and awkward prom with Ricky! Oh, and I almost forgot, I made his matching bow tie <3

Posting some pics of a dress I made a bit ago, before getting into Comic-Con costume pics. This dress was for a friend’s birthday party and the theme was pink! Fortunately I already had tons of this fantastic pink fabric and no idea what to do with it. I had this pattern for a while that I wanted to make but it required almost 8 yards of fabric! I never wanted to buy that much so I hadn’t gotten around to making it, so it worked out great since I had more than enough of the pink already. I actually probably have enough to make another two of the same dress haha

Last set of picture from Labyrinth ball. These are some performers costumes that I worked on. They do shows in one of the ballrooms periodically with elves and fairies and dragons etc. These girls did these fantastic dances and it was so great to see their costumes on the stage!

So for any of you following this who remember the picture on the right that I posted last year of costumes I made for Labyrinth hanging in my hallway, you may remember that I never found the girl wearing the red dress in the middle. Well, this year I was in luck because I came across a girl wearing it! She said she wasn’t the one who wore it last year, but she was nice enough to pose for a picture for me, and I was so happy to have found it! <3